About company

The company "Safe Life" was founded in 2007. "Safe Life" Ltd.produces and sells fire-fighting equipment, fire alarm and gas fire-fighting systems, instals video surveillance systems, fire protection systems and equipment, maintenance and repair, installation of equipment and systems for houses, government offices and commercial facilities.

In addition, the "Safe Life" LLC has a special permit (license) issued by the Ministry for Emergency Situations. "Safe Life" Ltd. provides only high quality equipment and is a distributor of many well-known European companies in our country.

"Safe Life" Ltd. is the official and sole distributor of the following companies:

  • Tyco International Ltd.
  • Schrack-Seconet AG
  • Siemens AG
  • Samsung Techwin
  • TOA
  • AES IntelliNet Corporation
  • BSH Luft and Clima
  • Fetas
  • Mas
  • Pyronix
  • Dalgic
  • Apryc CIIEKTP
  • MSA Safety Sp. z o.o.
  • Mavigard
  • POK
  • Mobotix 
  • Grundfos
  • Automatic Systems IER Group
  • ACI Farfisa Intercoms
  • Nedap

"Safe Life" LLC is the only company to ensure safety for You and Your family. The company provides security of Your property and family when you are at home or outside. The company's activity is not limited to the installation of fire and security alarm systems, the company also provides services for the installation of fire and security cameras with high image quality.

"Safe Life" LLC advises preventing fires that can occur at home or in the car locally, by means of various types of fire fighting equipment. Range of activity of the "Safe Life" company is very broad. The company has been providing professional installation of gas and water extinguishing systems, fire and security systems, exhaust systems and ventilation. First, specialists are involved in the design of the building, and then perform the installation of systems and fire fighting equipment.

In January of 2009, "Safe Life" Ltd. has put into operation centralized fire alarms monitoring system on behalf of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Centralized monitoring system runs 24 hours, and confirms the accuracy of the signals coming from the objects on fire. The object is under 24 hour monitoring of our company and many-storied residential buildings, commercial business centers and public facilities are under the supervision of "Safe Life" LLC controlled by the Fire Monitoring Center with the assistance of installed alarm and radiovawes from AES İntellinet.

While providing these residential buildings, business centers and government facilities, our company uses only guaranteed quality equipment which meets international standards. Thus, using the services of the company "Safe Life" You ensure Your convenience and health, because the main goal of our company is your safety!

Entrust your safety Ltd. "Safe Life"!